Dramatic Dance


Friday 15:30-17:30
(Upon audition)

Junior Company Mission:

To introduce the structure and commitment of a company centered around the love of the art of dance. 

Junior Company focuses on developing technique and abilities through exposure to a variety of people, places and experiences.

All dancers are expected to attend and perform at all events. If a pre-scheduled event or illness does conflict with, or impede attendance, another dancer will be selected and/or understudies will be used accordingly. 

Junior Company staff MUST be informed of the conflicts as soon as possible.

Dancer’s Expectation:

  •     Enroll in and attend Advance Training classes.

  •     Positively represent Dance Factory and DF Junior Company at all times.

  •     Participate in all rehearsals, performances and additional events where required. 

  •     Attendance at the rehearsal prior to a performance is required to perform.

  •     Be available to assist with any leadership opportunities at Dance Factory.

  •     Respect Dance Factory staff and fellow Junior Company members at all times.


  • Our year will be spent creating and developing a variety of pieces that highlight Junior Company’s technical strengths and abilities.


  • Dancers will be selected for pieces based on their strengths, abilities, in addition to the style and group size desired by the choreographer.

  • Placement. positioning and choreography of a piece is the vision of the choreographer and will not be questioned

  • At the discretion of Dance Factory Staff, some choreography may not be used in any performances.