Fusion Funk/Latin Ballroom

Mcbreaton is a Namibian based educator, choreographer, vocal artist, founder and owner of Fusion Funk Dance Studio, where he shares his passion for dance and theatre with his students.
He is a dancer whose passion, integrity and professionalism characterise his works.
His studio combines many different dance styles of dance , including creative dance , Latin , Ballroom, Hip-Hop and others on a performance platform to build confidence and self esteem levels of our dancers.  
Mcbreaton received his Ballroom training from Dance Domain Namibia in 2012 and Contemporary from the College of the Arts. He is a natural hip-hop and break-dancer and has performed at many corporate events.
He has had a very diverse career varying from directing dance productions to directing theatre productions at the Helen or Grady Drama Academy.
"I believes it’s important to provide the opportunity for dancers to pursue high quality training in dance, to educate others in the history of various dance techniques and unleash the full potential in all students."