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Fan Flow Arts

Zelda is owner of Evolve Fire and Entertainment. Her love for the flow arts shines even more brightly than the various intersting props she uses, through the energetic movements in her choreographies. This year she will be teaching something new at Dance Week...

Fan Flow Art

"I am very excited to be teaching a new form of flow art this year at dance week. The term “flow arts” constitutes a variety of movements or dance using objects or props. Come explore the art of Flow with me, expressing yourself through movement with a physical object, where the prop becomes an extension of your body in the dance. I will be teaching a fan dance with some Chinese LED fans."



Urban / Hip Hop

A Zimbabwean Hip Hop instructor and choreographer teaches a range of the different  styles in Hip Hop Dance.  

Alex began Hip Hop dancing in Paris, France in 2009 where he was a junior member of a team of dancers at the British School of Paris. For the next couple of years, He received most of his Hip Hop training at the open studio work shops around Paris, from visiting international Choreographers from the likes of Brian Puspos and Jun Quemado where he developed his love for Hip Hop dancing.


From 2012, Alex began teaching Hip Hop classes in Zimbabwe through work shops and continued to further his training under various Hip Hop associations such as Zim's Finest Dance Group, ZINA, and 8-Count Dance Company. Since 2013 Alex has been teaching in Windhoek and has competed with his team in various competitions over the past two years, with their most recent triumph in Rustenburg, South Africa, attaining Gold medals in their Hip Hop category at the South African Championships of Performing Arts 2016. 

We are very excited to now have Alex as a part of our Dance Factory team and of Dance week this year!!

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