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What is "Dance Week"?

Dance Week (since 2009) is a 6-day workshop and celebration of dance.

The week is opened with a celebration and "Meet & Greet", followed by 6 days of training in various courses in which participants work towards a presentation and on the 7th day they perform their choreography on stage during a show. Courses include any style of dance and also sometimes fitness classes related to dance.

The initiative for this workshop is to bring together all dance fanatics, to share knowledge, have fun and especially to create a platform for teachers to offer their dance style to a wider public.

Dance Week is usually held in the first week of the summer holidays (beginning December) in Swakopmund, so people from all over the country can travel to the coast and participate in this workshop.

The workshop is held in the Dance Factory studio. We now have 2 fully equipped studios next to each other, enabling us to offer even more classes per day.                                                                                                              We are proud to celebrate our 11th Dance Week this year.

For more info on previous events, visit our facebook page or simply scroll down.

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