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1-6 December 2023

Dance Week (since 2009) is a 6-day workshop and celebration of dance.

The week is opened with a celebration and "Meet & Greet", followed by 6 days of training in various courses in which participants work towards a presentation and on the 7th day they perform their choreography on stage during a show.

Courses include any style of dance and also sometimes fitness classes related to dance.


The initiative for this workshop is to bring together all dance fanatics, to share knowledge, have fun and especially to create a platform for teachers to offer their dance style to a wider public.

Dance Week is usually held in the first week of the summer holidays (beginning December) in Swakopmund, so people from all over the country can travel to the coast and participate in this workshop.


The workshop is held in the Dance Factory studio. 

We are proud to celebrate our 15th Dance Week this year.

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Commercial Jazz

Ballet Repertoire

Musical Theater

Yoga / Pilates

Gemma fell inlove with Ballet at the age of 3 and I competed nationally and internationally for most of her childhood. She holds many National and International titles in Tap, Jazz, Showdance and Ballet. 
"I have had the privilege of performing in many parts of the world. I have trained with the Russian Ballet Academy of South Africa as well as the Miami City Ballet in a Summer Intensive program." 
Gemma started dancing  professionally when she was 18, working as a Cheerleader for the IPL in India in 2017, the Lions Rugby Team in 2018-2019 as well as the Vodacom Blue Bulls Babe from 2019-2020. 
She appeared on radio representing The Lions Rugby as a dancer. She also appeared on YOTV as an expert dance judge and as a contemporary dancer. 
In 2018 she became the contemporary/jazz and lyrical teacher at Pulse Dance Studio, where she still currently helps students strive in their own dance abilities and talents. Besides teaching Gemma is also a company member of the Internallionaly renowned Oriental Fire, specializing in Bollywood, Fire dancing and specialty acts. I am also a qualified Yoga instructor and I love to incorperate my knowledge of all things movement into my love for dance and choreography. 

Meet this years' teachers...


Hip Hop


Commercial Jazz

Started dancing 1997. 

 1999 she received her first Provincial colours and in 2002 got her South African colours and represented South Africa at the World Championships in Los Angeles. 

She won multiple National competitions since then and competed at numerous World Championships across the world. 

 She opened up her studio in 2010.

 She won the best Coach Award LA at World Championships. 

 She won the Best Choreographer Award in LA at World Championships. 

 She is the choreographer for the Lions Rugby team’s cheerleaders. 

 She won Lead SA Hero of the month for the work she does in the dance community and was featured on 94.7 and Talk702 

 She was the Dance expert on SABC’s YoTV 

 She is the Power in Dance director for Dance the Magic in Disneyland. 

 Her company Power in Dance is the South African brand ambassador for the TV show Dance Moms featuring Abby Lee. 

 She is a National and International judge. 

 Her dancers have won multiple national and international competitions.




Mcbreaton strives to achieve the highest level of self-expression as a person and artist.
He has extensive experience in international ballroom and Latin styles, as well as a passion for the adrenaline-filled joys of social dance, such as the boogie, the jive and the swing. He had a Studio based in Namibia, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with Dance Factory and participate in the yearly Dance Week workshops. Additionally, Mcbreaton is a globetrotter, performing for cruise lines around the globe, and an ambassador and specialist in destinations. He has achieved numerous titles in his career as a dancer, one of which being the recipient of the prestigious 'Triple Gold Threat Award' at the 2019 Namibia Arts Championships and Winner of Celebrity Cruises Arts Championships for 2 consecutive years. His teaching style is technique focused but a relaxed environment. A class where confidence and self esteem can be boosted with lot of fun can be expected in all his lessons

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